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Lance Lipinsky

Image Lance Lipinsky as Jerry Lee Lewis courtesy of Las Vegas Sun.


Enough can't be said about this human dynamo, he plays that baby grand with his feet, his elbows, his hands and other parts of his anatomy. No 'Fakin' here folks, this 22 year old has poise, charisma and stage presence way beyond his young years. He really does play that piano, his left hand is a blur, his right hand is a blur, he stands on the piano and sings, He stands on the piano stool and plays. We ain't fakin' Theres a whole Lotta Shakin' goin' on.


Not just a Jerry Lee Lewis impersonator, Lipinsky is a highly regarded and talented songwriter, actor and director. In company with his musical partner and close friend Dean Z , Lipinsky has co-written a number of stage and theatrical shows.


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Lance Lipinsky at Apollo Theatre Chicago

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