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Gerry and the Peacemakers

Gerry and the Peacemakers Back to the sixties with Gerry and The Pacemakers, The Searchers, The Beatles, Hermans Hermits.


This is obviously a show about the legendary Gerry Marsden who fronted the enormously successful Gerry & The Pacemakers through out the fabulous 60's. This is a 2 x 1 hour show featuring all Gerry’s stable mates i.e. The Searchers, The Beatles, Hermans Hermits etc. in the first half and all of Gerry’s hits in the second half. The show includes the ever popular song 'You’ll Never Walk Alone'.


It is presented by The Chevrolets who are a multi-award winning band of more recent times, but they too were doing it in the 60's. Complete with comedy skits, scouse humour and the immaculate dress of the era. This show is presented with attention to detail and the utmost authenticity.


Original footage of the bands of the era is available for pre-show and interval, to a venue that has the necessary equipment, projector and screen for example.


Lance Lipinsky at Apollo Theatre Chicago

Dean Z in Concert

Bobby Brooks Wilson

Lonnie Lee