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Lonnie Lee, The Best Of
Image Aussie Music Legend, Singer Songwriter Lonnie Lee

Australia has its own Legend of Rock'n'Roll in Lonnie Lee. He is one of the initial pioneers of Aussie popular music, and is without doubt, the last man standing, not just from his own era, but also those after him. He is still writing, producing and releasing songs, playing important and current venues, and receiving performance awards.

Every 'today' star has their own idols and many Aussie idols of yesterday credit Lonnie as being their influence and their first ever record purchase including, Ross Wilson, Angry Anderson, Jim Keays, Billy Thorpe, Normie Rowe and Russell Morris. The blues Supergroup of the 70's, 'Chain' even recently wrote and released a song about Lonnie titled, 'Saturday Night at the Trocadero watching Lonnie Lee'. They also refer to him as him the ‘Father of Australian Rockabilly’.

Many fans across this wide brown land still go to his shows and buy his CDs, and it is still much like it has been doing non-stop since 1957. Yes nearly 53 years ago, early 1957, when he started his first rockabilly trio.

Fans who have either been with him from the start, or who he has collected recently on his way to today always visit his shows. They are of all ages and backgrounds and also from all musical tastes ranging from country music, blues, jazz, rock, classic rock and even some who are avid opera and symphony fans, yet they appreciate who he is. It really doesn’t matter because he is a true legend of popular music just doing his own thing, which happens to be many things.

He sings his many Gold #1 hits which are still alive and well on Hits and Memory Radio, takes you on a journey through his recent hits plus tributes to country, rockabilly, Johnnie Ray and his friend Johnnie O'Keefe who passed away 31 years ago this October.

His youthful presentation, vocal capabilities and energy is also legendary and anyone who is interested in live music should at least once see this unique star. The show will definitely be a memorable one, that’s for sure.

Whilst music fans will mill around the latest stars and their own personal favourites, one cannot help to wonder just how many of them will still be performing in 53 years, let alone be feted as a ‘true legend’.

Like his friend Johnny O'Keefe, Lonnie Lee need not worry. His legacy is well intact.

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