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Ezra Lee - Honky Tonk King


Big D Jambouree


Ezra Lee knows how to get that Jerry Lee Lewis sound out of a piano.


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intermingled with traces of Fats Domino, Charlie Gracie, Little Richard etc.


At 22 years of age this talented young musician is causing a stir in the Aussie rockin' scene, playing a variety of styles, from straight piano rock'n'roll, country, through to blues and jumpin' R&B. Ezra first hit the scene with 'Out Of The Valley', a disc that also features Pat Capocci and Danny and the Comic Tremers in Feb 2009. His latest CD 'You Can't Stop A Freight Train' was released in April 2009

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 Ezra Lee has been playing piano in bands since he was 15 years old. Starting with Wanita And The Honky Tonk Band touring to Bourke and Outback New South Wales. Then travelling the lost highway with Johnny Green's Blues cowboys for six years, appearing at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, The East Coast Blues And Roots Festival and Port Farie Folk Festival.

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