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Ezra Lee - Honky Tonk King
Ezra Lee - Honky Tonk King




Ezra Lee knows how to get that Jerry Lee Lewis sound out of a piano.


Ezra Lee (1)

Radie Meyer - Grand Master
Radie Meyer - Master of the Grand

Read more... Radie has been playing piano since his early childhood, having started playing the piano accordion at the age of three and later moving on to the piano where he studied classical music before discovering that jazz was what he wanted to play.


Bobby Brooks Hamilton
Bobby Brooks Hamilton

Read more... Las Vegas' very own Bobby Brooks Hamilton. Son of legendary soul singer, Jackie Wilson


Leisa Kerris
Leisa Kerris Shows

Read more... Leisa Kerris has worked with international groups including Hermans Hermits, The Drifters & Many more.


Lance Lipinsky at Apollo Theatre Chicago

Dean Z in Concert

Bobby Brooks Wilson

Lonnie Lee